Vampire Facial

Vampire Facial Procedure in Richmond Hill. What are the Benefits of the Vampire Facial?

A vampire facial is an interesting cosmetic procedure that doesn’t have anything to do with vampires obviously. If you haven’t heard of it, is a cosmetic technique that uses your blood to promote collagen production. This technique is where it gets its name from.

Media personalities and many love this interesting PRP (platelet-rich plasma) micro-needling treatment. Micro-needling with PRP is referred to as a vampire facial. The method entails puncturing the skin with thin sterile needles while administering platelet rich plasma to mislead the cells into believing the skin’s surface is wounded.

This causes the natural healing process to speed up, as well as the stimulation of collagen. Collagen is protein found in skin that gives body tissues structure, toughness, rigidity, and texture. This procedure also improves the absorbing strength of skin which means the skin can absorb other skin care products much better than before.

Basically, a vampire facial uses your blood to help your cells work properly. The blood face treatment may appear to be quite uncomfortable at first, but it is not, and it has excellent benefits.


The Vampire Facial is a minimally non-invasive procedure. Micro-needling with PRP is done at a doctor’s office. The initial blood draw is painless and is the first part of the procedure. The plasma and platelets in your blood are separated from the red blood cells in a centrifuge machine. 

A topical numbing cream may be administered to the face before the micro-needling portion of the treatment begins to alleviate any discomfort caused by the needling. The PRP is massaged on the skin once the numbing lotion has worn off and the micro-needling has been done. To get the best benefits, leave the PRP on your skin for the rest of the day. For the first few days after treatment, patients will have red, sensitive skin, similar to a light sunburn.


Vampire Facelift has a relatively low number of side effects. This is since it does not necessitate the injection of any foreign substance into the skin. Minor side effects fade rapidly after the surgery. Itchy feeling after treatment, swelling, bruising, burning, or discoloration are the most typical side effects.


  1. FIRMER SKIN: Collagen is required for taut, firm skin. Your skin begins to droop as you age, but wrinkles and lines may not always appear. Facial skin frequently thins with age, and some areas of the face, such as the lips and cheeks, are prone to looking visibly thin and gaunt. Collagen helps to fill up the skin. A vampire facial may be used by certain persons to plump up their lips. Others use it to re-contour their cheekbones without having to undergo intrusive surgical procedures.

  1. IMPROVED MOISTURE RETENTION: It unclogs your pores, allowing prescription moisturizers to penetrate deeper into your skin. Because the procedure might diminish the appearance of pores, the effects of a vampire facial on pores are a little unclear. However, the appearance of pores is reduced, and pores are unclogged, making it simpler to absorb prescription medications for the purpose of beautification

  1. IT ISN’T HARMFUL: Your facial skin is gently yet completely cleansed before your vampire facial begins. This guarantees that your skin is free of dirt, dust, pollen, pollution, cosmetics, or any other flaws that may create a bad reaction to therapy. After sanitizing your face, your personal skin care specialist may apply a local anesthetic to the treatment area. True, the sensitive skin around your eyes, hairline, and lips is exceedingly thin and delicate. However, you will not experience any pain or discomfort while the treatment is being performed.

  1. NO DOWN TIME AT ALL: Traditional micro-needling can cause considerable redness that lasts for five to seven days. You can reduce this downtime by include platelet-rich plasma in your treatment. The micro-injuries caused by micro-needling are essentially healed as rapidly as they are incurred thanks to Vampire facials.

  1. LASTING RESULTS: Other conventional beauty treatment techniques need you to receive them multiple times within a year to have lasting results, but vampire facials only need you to be applied every year or two to retain your clear youthful skin. But three to four thirty-minute micro-needling treatments may be required, each requiring an extra half hour of waiting for the anesthesia to begin working, a vampire facial will only take half the amount of treatments to achieve the same results. In most cases, skin rejuvenation requires four treatments, each of which should be spaced four to eight weeks apart. Only five sessions of micro-needling combined with PRP are required to significantly improve the skin. In two to four treatment sessions, acne scars can be cured.

  1. SKIN TONE IMPROVEMENTS: You can benefit from a facial enhanced with PRP if you have acne scars, surgical scars, scars from traumatic damage, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and other forms of poor skin tone or texture. You’ll be surprised by the mind-blowing difference in the appearance of your skin just a few days after one vampire facial, as old skin cells give birth to new, healthy ones.

  1. INCREASED COLLAGEN PRODUCTION IN THE BODY: Existing collagen begins to mend the skin as it is penetrated. At the same time, your body begins to produce new collagen that is stronger and healthier. It takes a few weeks for this higher-quality collagen to mature. However, you will notice an immediate tightening of the skin. You’ll only notice that the effects of your treatment improve for several weeks after you’ve finished it.


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