What is laser carbon peel?

One of the most successful applications of skin rejuvenation is the carbon peeling with laser. The process of carbon peeling made with laser is a process applied in sessions with certain periods and treating various skin problems.

Which Skin Problems Can Be Treated With the Carbon Peeling?

Problems such as:

  • Acne scar

  • Aging and mimic lines, fine wrinkles

  • Large pores

  • Pale appearance in skin color

  • Dead skin covering to the young skin and shading the aesthetic appearance can be treated with the carbon peeling.

How Is the Carbon Peeling Applied?

The treatment in question is applied by the help of carbon lotion and laser device. The carbon fluid with special content is applied on the application area. After applying the carbon, drying on the skin and becoming a mask of the fluid are waited for a while. After the carbon dried, laser shots are made over it. The application area is scanned by laser at least 2 rounds according to the level of problem. In the first round, a general scan is performed with laser. In the 2nd round, the carbon is burned by laser. During this burning, the laser beams taking along the carbon by burning it go down under the skin and start a treatment here. These applications should be absolutely made by the doctor. Because, the scanning number, dose, intensity and application method of the laser are quite important for the success of treatment. And these adjustments can be made only by the doctor.

How Does the Carbon Peeling Affect?

The process in question shows success as a result of a joint interaction by combining the laser and carbon effect. Carbon has the power of treating under skin and preventing skin problems. Laser has the feature of activating the healing mechanism of skin by creating deformation in a certain level in the skin. When the laser goes down under the skin, it also pushes the carbon under the skin with its speed, and the carbon, which found opportunity to start the treatment both on and under the skin, works faster and the skin rejuvenation starts. The carbon laser peel affects in this way shortly.

To Whom Is the Carbon Peeling Applied?

The processes in question should be performed in persons whose health condition is in normal values, hormonal values are progress at normal level, and who are not pregnant. In short, the carbon peeling should be made in persons that the laser does not negatively result in.

How Many Sessions Should the Carbon Peeling Be Applied?

This process is applied depending on the skin problem and aging. Accordingly, the number of sessions is determined. Other factor affecting the number of sessions is the response the skin gives to the treatment. In the process in question, the number of session in the skins with little problems almost any is 2-3.

When Does the Carbon Peeling Show Its Effect?

The carbon peeling effect starts to appear in the advancing sessions. For this reason, the first session and its effect should be seen. The final results are observed within 5 days following the last session.

How Much Does the Carbon Laser Peel Cost?

Prices of the carbon laser peel change according to the number of sessions. Therefore, controls and the treatment plan should be clarified. You can get information by calling our clinic for the price information and appointment.

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